Chiropractic Testimonials

"When I first came to Dr. Dodes I was suffering with severe lower back pain, neck pain, both arms going numb and tingling and constant sciatic pain. There was no comfortable position where I was able to relieve the pain. I had just been through a physical therapy program recommended by my PCP, with little relief. I was told the next steps would be cortisone shots and surgery. I was debating to see a Chiropractor and then a friend had severe back pain and had seen Dr. Dodes with such great results that I decided to try it. Dr. Dodes has helped me so much. No longer do I have arm numbness at all. I have much more relief from back, neck and sciatic pain and have been able to return to swimming for exercise. While my MRI was not encouraging, Dr. Dodes has been able to relieve my pain and I have not had to use drugs to mask the pain."

- Susanne T. 

"Dr. Dodes, words I am short on but I am so greatly appreciative for how much you have cared and worked with me to relieve my pain. Your professionalism, quality of care and compassion has always been present and appreciated. Thanks You!"

- Nancy T.

"Dr. Dodes, I want to thank you for your care during my visit to Boston. I’m back in Texas but I didn’t forget the kindness and care you and your staff gave me. Thank You so much."

- Cynthia M.

"I had a disc herniation in my neck and was told by my medical doctors that I needed to have surgery right away. I was referred by a friend to Dr. Dodes and he reviewed my MRI and told me that he could help without surgery. Within a few visits I started feeling better and after just 6 weeks of chiropractic care I was 100%. I am so happy I didn’t go 'under the knife'."

- James R. 

"Dr. Dodes, when no one would listen, you did. When no one would care, you did. Thanks to you I have my “piece of mind” and for the first time in over a year I feel normal again. Words cannot express how grateful I am. Thank You."

- Donna C. 

"Dr. Dodes, thanks so very much for all your help making my back feel better. Its so nice having a doctor who truly cares about his patients."

- Marilyn F.


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